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Applications for our Fast Track Apprenticeship 2017 intake are open.

If you have recently graduated and are looking to accelerate your career at a leading international business, you've come to the right place. The world of beer never stands still - and neither do we. That's why we created our Fast Track Apprenticeship (FTA) - purpose-built to turn talented graduates into future leaders.

At the core of the FTA are two 6-month rotations, giving you hands-on experience in the operational side of our business. After a short induction to the world of AB InBev, you'll get straight into your first placement.

On one of the 6-month rotations you'll join our Logistics team, either working on ensuring that our beer reaches our customers in Europe on time and in full, or you'll be managing export and import across the world. On the other rotation you'll be working in Finance, either playing a crucial role in liaising with customers to manage payments; or working within our Procure-To-Pay (PTP) team where you will get a unique insight into how we work with our suppliers. In addition to your day-to-day role in the business, we'll also give you the opportunity to shine by taking on specific projects and presenting your solutions to senior leadership. 

With the choice of being based in either the vibrant city of Prague (Czech Republic) or Kharkiv (Ukraine), you'll learn fast, work hard, have fun and in just 12 months you could be leading a team of your own.

What will you do during the programme?


Who we're looking for

Talented. Proactive. Ambitious. Curious. Where other people see problems, you see solutions. You're organized, with an eye for detail and a continuous drive to make processes work better for everyone.

You value structure but can think beyond it. You have excellent communication skills and are good at building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, customers, and colleagues alike. You're also not afraid to be hands-on to get the job done, take ownership of your projects from day one, and meet ambitious targets.

You have a university degree and no more than two years of work experience after graduating. More important than the subject you studied is your international mind-set, and the language skills to go with it.

If you are joining the program in Prague, to be eligible, a fluent level of English is essential along with an upper-intermediate level of either Dutch, French or German. For Kharkiv, next to an upper-intermediate level of English, you also need to be fluent in Russian. For both locations mobility across Europe is required.

Does this sound like you? If so, apply now.

We're now accepting applications for our Fast Track Apprenticeship program beginning in August 2017.

Fast Track Apprenticeship

We're aiming to reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by the end of 2017 and reduce packaging by 100,000 tons

> 50 million hectoliters of beer brewed in Europe annually

We're trialling alternative fuel in some of our trucks and we're truck sharing with our retail partners to reduce 'empty mileage' on deliveries

We brew over 200 different beers

In 2013 over 500 best practices were shared globally – helping us continually improve

Our QA process is followed by all our brewmasters to ensure consistency from batch to batch

95% of our breweries and soft drink facilities are Voyager Plant Optimization (VPO) certified

Our team works directly with more than 15,000 barley growers worldwide, representing over 1 million hectares of cultivated malt barley