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Graduates & Interns

Market Visionaries Program. Your dream job is our day job. Make it Yours.


Applications for our Market Visionaries Program 2017 are closed.

Our programs are closed. Please keep an eye for the 2018 one. It will be available to people graduating before September 2018 and holding a Bachelor or Masters (or equivalent) degree from any discipline.

Dare to Dream.

Our dream is to Bring People Together For a Better World. It’s an ambition that fuels us to take brands into new markets, attract fresh customers, and break boundaries. 

On our Market Visionaries Programme (MVP), you’ll have the opportunity to push our brands further – by taking them to bigger and better markets, and introducing them to different audiences. Pride yourself on your sales pitch? You’re in the right place. Love being out in the field and meeting new customers? That’s what you get paid for. Think we could create better brand experiences? We’d love to hear your ideas. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn the business, take ownership, and deliver results – fast.

What will you do during the programme?


What can you do once you've completed the programme?

Who is the programme right for?

Talented. Hungry. Ambitious. Entrepreneurial. You set trends rather than follow them. You’re innovative, creative, a doer as well as a dreamer, with a flair for communication and relationship building.

You’re a natural salesperson – you love being at the frontline of the business, connecting with customers and merchants, selling in new and established products to businesses small and large. You live for your brands and consumers. You’re passionate about maximising the visibility of brands, developing your sales and customer portfolios, and you work hard to increase sales volumes and improve profitability every chance you get – by negotiating shelf space, offering relevant training, and working closely with external merchandisers.

You’ll also have the confidence and resilience to back your own decisions, take ownership of your projects from day one, and meet ambitious targets. And, as most of the job consists of selling in new products and connecting with customers, you’ll need to be fluent in English as well as the native language of the country you wish to work in too, in order to be eligible for this program. Additionally you should hold a full driving license.

We are now accepting applications for the February and September 2017 intakes of the Market Visionaries Program.

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"Want to be a leader? You have to be a seller first" Lucka Wahba, Market Visionaries Programme graduate.
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18 of our brands are 'billion dollar brands'

2013 revenue of $43.4bn

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